About Us

The Cap Company Story

Founded in 2000 by Dave Waghorn, as per its name, The Cap Company initially focussed on the sale and branding of caps.  In 2006 we were joined by Erik van der Merwe who introduced the additional service of silk screen printing and later pad printing. We once again expanded our reach into the branding realm when in 2006 we introduced litho, digital and large format printing, this meant that we could now offer our customers an extended branding solution, not the least of which is our corporate clothing offerings.

We pride ourselves on keeping on top of branding trends, and ensure that our equipment range and range of products utilised in all of processes are of the highest standard with our team being continuously trained on the latest techniques.

Corporate Clothing

Meet The Cap Company Team

Each persona at The Cap Company is an integral part of the team that’s behind the development of high-quality, original corporate clothing. They are:

Erik van der Merwe:  Owner / Sales

Donya Waghorn:  Accounts

Clare Soutter:  Customer service / Sales

Liz:  Front office / sales

Dave Waghorn:  Owner / Sales

Term and conditions

***Please read important notes below, regarding order placement***:

  1. Payment: A minimum of a 50% deposit is required on placement of your order. The outstanding 50% is payable prior to the order being released. NO order will be released without proof of full payment. COD applies.
  2. Information required to process order correctly: A detailed order containing all relevant information, including delivery date (if applicable) must be supplied. Please confirm with your consultant which information is required.
  3. Artwork: Your order cannot commence without the submission of artwork. Artwork must be supplied in CorelDraw or as a vector file. Should you require us to redraw your artwork, there will be a charge of R300 (ex VAT) per hour.
  4. Approval of artwork: A proof will be supplied to you for approval. The order cannot proceed without the approval of artwork by the client. Cap Company does not hold responsibility for errors on approved artwork. This is applicable for once-off and repeat orders.
  5. Turn-a-round time: Our standard turn-around time is +/- 7 working days from approval of artwork. Please make arrangements with us should you require your order in less time.
  6. Handling fee: Please note that select suppliers charge a 10% handling fee, which should you cancel your order, you will be liable to pay.
  7. Technology items are non-returnable once ordered, client will be liable for payment should they cancel their order once placed.
  8. Operating hours: Mon – Thurs: 08h00 – 16h30 & Friday: 08h00 – 15h00. Orders cannot be collected after these times.


General Questions:

What does “gsm” mean when it comes to T-shirts?

Often when you are quoted you will see a number such as 140gsm, 145gsm, 160gsm or 180gsm.  Explained simply, this refers to the weight of the fabric i.e. the grams per square meter of the material used to manufacture the garment, not the garment weight itself. The less the grammage, the lighter the material.

Sizing of garments:

The Cap Company receives clothing items as per the supplier’s specifications.  There may be variations between different suppliers in terms of sizes.  A sizing chart, if available, can be provided to you upon request.  The Cap Company does not hold responsibility for variations in sizes.

What payment terms are available?

C.O.D:  This applies only to items being supplied by the client themselves for branding, and upon prior arrangement.  No items will be released without full payment being made by the customer.

On orders where the we purchase items on our clients behalf:  50% Deposit payable upon placement of order, and 50% payable prior to orders being collected.

Payment methods accepted:

  • EFT
  • Credit Card
What is a setup cost, why do we charge a setup cost, and what effects the number of setups required?

A setup cost is the cost associated with setting up of the branding machinery to brand your items, which includes the plate, screen and digitized format.

In regards to silk screen printing and pad printing, the amount of colours required will determine the setup cost, as each colour requires its own individual setup i.e. the more colours, the more setup costs.

Embroidery is not affected by the number of colours being used.

Why if using the same logo for several items, can there be different setup costs?

Although items may be featuring the same logo, there may be a requirement for set up on various machines, or the logo may vary in size.  If this is the case, a different setup cost needs to be allocated to the various items.

Why is there a setup cost for repeat orders?

Printing:  Even though your artwork may not have changed since the last time we branded items for you, each time after a job has been completed screens, print pads and memory are cleared on all equipment to facilitate the following job in the queue. For this reason, when a repeat job comes in, the machinery needs to be re-setup as if a new job.

Embroidery:  Initial set up for R190 which includes the digitization of the artwork.  Should there be a change in the artwork such as logo or design, the R190 will apply again even on repeat orders, but if the order is a straight forward repeat, then a cost of R100 applies

What type of branding works on what material?

Printing:  Silk Screening works on most textiles, specific flat surfaces e.g. diaries, but it is important to remember that the silk screen will take on the texture of the item being branded.  Your Cap Company consultant will advise you of the various options that are available should silk screening for be suitable.

Sublimation:  Sublimation only works on either 100% polyester or poly cotton which is at least 65% polyester.  The main reason for this is that the heat required in the process can damage any other materials.

Promotional items:  As promotional items come in various sizes, shapes and contours, please ask your Cap Company consultant who will be able to assist you with the selection of the most suitable form of branding.

Which format must artwork be supplied in?

We require that our customers to provide their logo or design in either a vector file or in CorelDraw.  If you do not have it in either of these formats, please chat to the designer that created the artwork or logo for you, as they can convert the original file into a vector, or alternatively we can redraw the logo or design for R300 (ex VAT) per hour.

Why are quotes only valid for 30 days?

Prices on items are quoted by manufacturers and suppliers on current stock.  Due to economical influences, new stock could be affected by a fluctuation in price.  To ensure that your order is placed at the quoted price, please accept the quote within 30 days.


What influences your printing quote?

Both the method and number of colours will influence the cost of the printing on your items.


What determines the price of your embroidery, and why can’t we quote without seeing the artwork?:

The Cap Company determines the cost of your embroidery based on stitch count.  The stitch count refers to the amount of times the needle will need to penetrate the garment to create the artwork required.  The larger or more intricate the logo, the higher the stitch count.  A maximum of 9 colours can be embroidered for single artwork.

What is the digitization of a logo for embroidery purposes?

The digitization of a logo for embroidery means that each logo is adapted to minimize thread changes, and run smoothly on our machines.  This will result in crisper designs.  To ensure the highest quality embroidery, we require particular artwork formats.  Please refer to Which format must artwork be supplied in?

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