The Cap Company offers a professional embroidery solution for your all of your corporate branding needs.

Through the utilisation of Tajima embroidery machines, we can embroider up to 9 colours and deliver top quality results at a rapid production rate, ensuring that your deadline is met.  We employ experienced digitizers which will ensure that your logo, images and text are expertly converted to ensure the highest quality renderings.

Customers are welcome to provide their own items for branding, or may select from our range of quality products.

Cap Company - Rhino Republic


The Cap Company offers a wide range of printing solutions namely:  silk screen printing, pad printing, litho, digital and large format. All of these services can easily cater to your corporate branding needs.

Silk Screen printing is one of the more popular ways to brand items such as t-shirts, conti suits and select promotional items.  It is especially popular for corporate branding and promotional tools. It is the method of creating an image on item by pressing ink through a screen with areas blocked off by a stencil of up to 6 colours.

With an in-house digitiser, your artwork will be converted into a professionally finished product by our experienced teams.

There are different types of inks used during the silk screening printing which clients can select from  namely:

Regular:  Creates a flat plastic type appearance on silk screened items.

Puff:  Puff is a type of plastisol which reacts with the process of curing.  When the garment is cured during the branding process, the ink expands giving the puff appearance.

Metallic:  Metallic inks are used to simulate a metal appearance, and are available in gold or silver.

Fluorescent:  Fluorescent prints use particularly vividly colourful inks such as pink, orange, yellow, green etc.

Clients are welcome to provide their own items for branding, or can select from our range of products.


As the name suggests, pad printing involves the transferring of ink from a silicone pad to the item you want printed.   Pad Printing is generally used on smaller items, such as promotional items, due to the “printing area” of the pad being used.  It does however provide excellent resolution.

Speak with our team about your t-shirt, cap and other clothes embroidery requirements!